• Crochet Sakura Earrings- Spring version
    Hello friends! Spring is here. One of the best seasons for long-walks and park visits. Sadly cherry-blossom season is about to end and I have been really wanting to create a very minimalistic crochet sakura petal earrings. I decided that this spring must be the season to make crochet cherry blossom petals. So I picked
  • So I asked ChatGPT for Crochet flower pattern…
    Hello Fellow Crocheters, After reading a number of articles on how ChatGPT generates bizarre crochet patterns, I quickly did a search on Google for “ChatGPT crochet flower patterns” and it did not yield any results (when I searched at least…). So, I decided to try it for crochet flower patterns by myself. First of all,
  • Crochet Pumpkin Earrings
    As the leaves start to turn and the air grows crisp, it’s time to break out your fall crochet projects. And what better way to celebrate the season than with some festive pumpkin earrings? In this blog post, we’ll provide a free pattern for crochet pumpkin earrings, perfect for adding a touch of autumn to
  • Crochet maple leaf pattern
    This crochet maple leaf pattern is very easy to make. My favorite season is Autumn and I am happy to share this free pattern with you all. If you are a fan of Ginkgo leaves just like me, you can check the pattern here. Materials needed: DMC crochet thread no 80 Crochet hook 0.50 mm
  • Crochet forget me not pattern – How to make Crochet flower brooch
    I have been wanting to write a pattern for forget-me-nots for a long time and I made them into a brooch. These little blue flowers symbolize true love and respect. I have used blue color lace thread for the petals and yellow glass bead for center. Here I have used Miyuki beads in bright yellow.
  • Crochet two-layered flower earrings
    These simple two-layered flower earrings are extremely beginner friendly, and easy on budget too. This is first pattern on classy but cheaper series, in which I try to make crochet jewelry in a limited budget. Materials needed: Abbreviations: SS – Slip stitch Ch – Chain SC – Single crochet HDC – Half double crochet DC
  • Microcrochet Butterfly Earrings
    Materials needed: DMC crochet thread no: 80 – Yellow Crochet hook 0.50 mm T-pin Earrings hook base Pliers for making earrings Glue ( to use as stiffener – optional) Abbreviations: Ch – Chain SS – Slip Stitch DC – Double crochet TC – Treble crochet Crochet Butterfly Earrings: MR Ch 3, 3 TC, Ch 3,
  • Eastern Bluebird inspired Micro crochet earrings
    Inspiration for these earrings struck me when I was mindlessly scrolling Instagram. I saw a fellow small business owner make Eastern Bluebird-inspired earrings out of polymer clay and I just fell in love with the mesmerizing color combination: Cream, Blue, Peach. This is the first pattern I made for my YouTube channel. It is so
  • How to make elegant dangling flower earrings
    This week, I would like to share with you all my simple and elegant dangling flower earrings. I have used these flowers in some other earrings to have a drooping flower effect. I hope you all like this pattern. Materials needed: Abbreviation: MR – Magic Ring SS – Slip stitch CH – Chain SC –
  • How to make microcrochet heart earrings
    These quick and easy dangling heart earrings will make a perfect Valentine’s day gift. You can whip it up in around 15 minutes if you have all the necessary materials ready. The heart pattern is the same as that of the hairpin post last week. Please refer to the chart below! Materials needed: DMC cotton