Like with most of the flora here in Japan, I have never seen a ginkgo tree in my home country. It was a fine autumn evening; I was as usual questioning my choices about whether to quit or just to continue my research. I saw this tree that was full of green leaves a few weeks back; has transformed into a beautiful cascade of yellow color. I watched the lovely yellow turn to brown while sipping tea.

Next season, it was there again; green and full of life. Watching that tree to go through different stages, throughout the year; made me realize the higher meaning of seasons of life. I felt that I should enjoy the different colors of life symbolizing fall as much as I enjoy standing under a sakura tree.

Every time I see a ginkgo tree, it reminds me of this quote and eases my mind to let go of the things that hold me back.

The trees are about to show us how lovely it is to let things go



  • MC – Magic Circle
  • CH – Chain
  • DC – Double Crochet
  • SL – Slip Stitch
  • Chain 2 in each round counted as Double Crochet
  • You can use any yarn type with appropriate hook

Crochet pattern (in US terms):

  1. MC, Chain 2 , 5 DC in the MC
  2. Chain 2 ,turn , DC in same stitch, 2 DC in each DC from previous round
  3. Chain 2, turn, 1 DC in next 5 DC from previous round, Chain 2 , SL into the same stitch, SL into the next DC , Chain 2 , 1 DC in the same stitch, 1 DC in next 5 DC from previous round, Chain 2 , SL into the same stitch
  4. Chain 2 , SL into the base of the previous round [Round 2]
  5. Chain 2 , SL into the MC
  6. Fasten off , Weave the ends

You have just finished your ginkgo leaf; this versatile pattern can be used as an applique, to make a garland, and earrings etc.,.

If you make them, tag me on instagram @nuro.flower.crochet or @nurocrochets !!!

Autumn Collection : Ginkgo earrings

You can check out these earrings in my Etsy shop Nurocrochets
Made by using DMC cotton thread and 0.5 mm hook

Happy Autumn!


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