Crochet forget me not pattern – How to make Crochet flower brooch

I have been wanting to write a pattern for forget-me-nots for a long time and I made them into a brooch. These little blue flowers symbolize true love and respect. I have used blue color lace thread for the petals and yellow glass bead for center. Here I have used Miyuki beads in bright yellow. These brooches are perfect gift for Valentine’s Day !

Historical Significance:

Forget-me-nots have been used and loved by people for centuries. They are believed to have originated in Europe and were likely first cultivated by monks in the Middle Ages. The flowers were often used in religious art and symbolism, and were associated with the Virgin Mary and the concept of remembrance.

In the 15th century, the flowers were given as a gift by knights to their ladies as a symbol of chivalry and faithfulness. This tradition continued into the 19th century, when forget-me-nots became associated with love and romantic devotion. The flowers were often given as a gift to a loved one who was departing, as a way to express the desire to be remembered and the hope for a future reunion.

In more recent times, forget-me-nots have become associated with the fight against Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. The flowers are seen as a symbol of the need to remember those who are suffering from memory loss and the importance of finding a cure for these devastating diseases.


Forget-me-nots have a rich and complex symbolism that has evolved over time. Some of the most common meanings associated with the flowers include:

  1. Remembrance: Forget-me-nots are often associated with the idea of remembrance, and are seen as a symbol of the importance of remembering loved ones who have passed away.
  2. Faithfulness: The flowers have long been associated with the concept of faithfulness and loyalty, and are often given as a gift to express this sentiment.
  3. Love: Forget-me-nots are often seen as a symbol of true and lasting love, and are a popular choice for wedding bouquets and other romantic occasions.
  4. Hope: The delicate blue flowers are often seen as a symbol of hope, and are used to express the idea that even in difficult times, there is always the possibility of a brighter future.

If you are a visual learner, please watch the YouTube tutorial.

Materials needed:

  • DMC crochet thread no: 80 in Blue and Green
  • Crochet hook no: 0.50 mm
  • Yellow color glass beads
  • Glue
  • Brooch base
  • Craft wire


  • SS – Slip stitch
  • Ch- Chain
  • SC- Single crochet
  • TC- Triple crochet
  • Picot – Ch 1, SS in the top of the current stitch

Crochet forget me not pattern:

Flower (Make 3):

Using blue color thread,

  1. MR, Ch 1, 5 SC , SS in the first SC
  2. For first petal, Ch 3, 2 TC, Picot, TC, Ch 3 , SS in the same stitch
  3. SS in the next SC, Ch 3, 2 TC, Picot, TC, Ch 3 , SS in the same stitch
  4. Repeat step 3 for three times
  5. SS in the Ch1 from step 1
  6. Place two tight knots and cut the extra threads

Calyx (Make 3):

Using green color thread,

  • MR, Ch 1, 5 SC, SS in the first SC
  • Leave a long tail for making brooch

Leaf (Make 3):

For leaf, the stitches are placed on the wire (I recommend checking my video linked below)

  • Slip knot, insert a wire of 8 cm through the Slip knot
  • Insert the hook through the same Slip knot
  • Ch 7, SS in the wire
  • 1 SC in every Ch (around the wire)
  • Turn, SC, HDC, 3 DC, HDC, SC
  • Bend the wire ,Ch 2, (on the other side ) SC, HDC, 3 DC, HDC, SC
  • SS in the wire
  • Use glue and tightly wrap the long tail around the wire


  • For flower, take a craft wire of length 8 -10 cms
  • Insert the yellow bead, flower, and calyx through the wire
  • Use glue and tightly wrap the long tail of calyx around the craft wire (make 3 )


  • Arrange the flowers and leaves in order
  • Use green thread and glue to wrap them together
  • Take a long tail thread and wrap the flowers with the brooch base
  • Let it dry completely.

These take around 1 hour to finish depending on your skill level. The flower pattern is a beginner friendly. Happy making!


Crochet Forget me not pattern – Part 1

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