Microcrochet Wreath Earrings – Crochet Pattern

The first pattern to commemorate December 2021!

I have just finished doing my doctorate defense presentation today. It’s been a wild ride. There will be another blog post about those adventures.

Now, Let us dive into our merry micro crochet wreath earrings pattern.

Materials needed:

Materials needed
  • Crochet thread No: 80 (Red, Green)
  • Golden color thread
  • Crochet hook size 0.50 mm
  • Jump rings
  • Earrings hook base
  • Glue

Wreath ( make 2):

  • With green color thread, CH 12
  • Slip stitch into the first chain to form a loop
  • CH 2
  • 30 DC inside the loop
  • Slip stitch in the first DC
  • 5 DC in third stitch from the hook, skip next stitch, Slip stitch in next stitch ( repeat 5 more times)
  • Slip stitch in the last DC from previous round
  • CH 5 and Slip stitch into the first chain
  • Put a tight knot and fasten off

Bow ( make 2):

Take a single ply from golden thread and red color crochet thread for making bow.

  • Magic ring
  • CH 2 , 5 DC, CH 2, Slip stitch inside the magic ring
  • Repeat the previous round
  • Fasten off

Use glue to paste the bow onto the wreath. You have made your microcrochet wreath !

Microcrochet wreath earrings


  • Open the jump ring using pliers
  • Insert the wreath ( the 5 CH part ) and earring hook base
  • Close the jump ring using pliers

I have also uploaded video tutorial for this earrings in my YouTube channel. Check it out!

Thank you for reading!

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